my other music, my other lives

I just spent a few minutes, maybe an hour, poking around and I realized something: that it's not linked to me and I'm not linked to it. This must be remedied.

What did I do there? I'm in the process of loading more music data into the various music / discography pages (like the last album I did w/ Greg, Short Fiction), plus I was twiddling with the image display JavsaScript on the Photos page.

new shows, archive, etc.

I've got two (2) shows coming up this month.  Check out the schedule page!

  • Next Week at Phyllis's Musical Inn
  • in 3 Weeks at Lilly's

I've also spent some time adding old shows to the archive on the same page.  I'm working on a couple of new songs, but I'm not sure when I'll be playing them.  Hopefully at Lilly's on the 25th.

(by the way, please forgive the minor CSS issues around here, I'll get on that stuff soon -- oh, and if you have IE6, go to hell)