my other music, my other lives

I just spent a few minutes, maybe an hour, poking around and I realized something: that it's not linked to me and I'm not linked to it. This must be remedied.

What did I do there? I'm in the process of loading more music data into the various music / discography pages (like the last album I did w/ Greg, Short Fiction), plus I was twiddling with the image display JavsaScript on the Photos page.

That last part reminded me that I've been meaning (as paraphrased by a co-worker of mine) to "give back to the community" and start posting some of my code projects and experiments, in the hopes that they might prove useful to whoever stumbles upon them (no pun intended).

So, I'd like to start writing posts that occasionally veer from music into the geekiest of geekdoms, computer programming. Some of my latest passions include: MythTV, Amahi, Linux-DAWs (sort of music-related), Object-Oriented JavaScript, Prototype stuff, CSS (like tons of it), browsers stuff, and who knows what...

I'll continue to make music posts as well, though, so don't be afraid.. unless being afraid makes you feel better.