This is a song that I've got on my myspace page, but it's in the midst of some alterations. I'm actually hoping to get an album done sometime soon, so this is happening to a handful of my older recordings (of which i'll be posting more in the future).

Beside the Sun

UPDATE: turns out that the old link to the song was not working... oops!

I promised myself I'd post 2 songs today, so here we go .. another in a long line of sun-centric compositions of mine!

I'm branching out with the keyboards & cello, I nearly didn't put any guitar on this one, and the acoustic is wayy down in the mix.

So here's a song that I've been working on

It's tentatively called "In June."

Credit, where it's due: I once played a show with a girl who called herself "Rebecca Sometimes." She gave me a CD of her's and I took a liking to a song she had called "In June." That song partly inspired what happened here, but it's still pretty different. I was hoping (once upon a time) to use a melody like she did. Instead I ended up with this, it's actually not a similar melody at all, but it was related to the plan.

I recorded this in my basement, it'll change before it's READY... whatever that means.