New design

I've been working on a new design for this site. As a part of it, I'm experimenting with SVG images in both HTML IMG tags and in CSS backgrounds. I really like the way that they scale as a part of a responsive design.

I haven't yet had time to compare suitable PNGs with SVGs to determine any cost or benefit in terms of file size. I would guess that the SVGs are likely to do better with simpler designs and fewer colors. Perhaps I will substantiate these guesses someday.

My new design calls for the usage of a few icons and badges here and there. The badges that I'd like to use are HTML5, Drupal (hint, I'm switching to Drupal!), and CSS3. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a suitable SVG of the CSS3 icon. The W3 folks have a nice CSS3 Technology Class, but it's not the same as what a shield ought to look like. I've seen a lot of variations on what I want, but none with the correct proportions or in SVG form.

So, I've created one!

Please share! :)